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Current Business Opportunity Lists

The chart below shows the lists we manage and their current quarterly updates. Click on any list name to see its data card in a new window.


Managed lists are usually updated every quarter of the year. Our lists are almost exclusively made up of busness opportunity buyers who have purchased some sort of opportunity program, after receiving some sort of business opportunity solicitation in the mail. If you are mailing, this type of list is your best bet to get response which can then be converted to sales.

                           The minimum order size is 3000 names.
(If 3000 names is more then you need, click on the following blue letters, to see our 1000 Name Special Offer)

If a list featured below has less the 3000 names, we will fill your order to 3000 using names from the previous quarter's segment.

Fulfillment charges which include shipping for labels, the cost of labels and printing, or the cost to put a list together and then email it to your print house, and any other additional options you may select, are added to the base price of the list quantity. For example: 3000 names on labels will cost between $425.00 and $400.00, depending on the list cost per thousand names.

NEW LISTS October 28, 2015

Extreme Team Money Makers3,9882nd Q 15

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3rd Q 2015 Updates as of October 28, 2015

List Name Quantity Period Price  
America's Money Seeking Opportunists 5,600 3rd Q 15 $100.00/M Phones
Ameritech Systems Op Buyers 7,994 3rd Q 15 $125.00/M  
Biz Op Daddy Buyers 3,3463rd Q 15$125.00/M
Bogle Publications Op Buyers3,0013rd Q 14$125.00/M
3rd Q 15$100.00/MPhones
Ca$h for Dummies3,2813rd Q 15
Cash Multiplier Op Buyers 2,2983rd Q 15 $110.00/M Phones
Entrepreneur's Op Network 10,144August 15$110.00/M
Fail Safe Opportunities4,9024th Q 14$125.00/M
Forest River Marketing Op Buyers
3rd Q 15 $125.00/M Phones
Global Connections Op Buyers
3rd Q 15 $125.00/M Phones
Golden Eagle Op Buyers
3rd Q 15 $110.00/M  Phones
3,1542nd Q 15$125.00/M
High End Op Buyers
3rd Q 15


Instant Icon7653rd Q 15$125.00/M
Mailer Success Op Buyers
3rd Q 15 $125.00/M  
Massive Profits2,4693rd Q 15$125.00/M
Money Making Power Op Buyers 4,481 3rd Q 15 $100.00/M  
Postcard Direct Op Buyers5,3263rd Q 15$110.00/M
Postcard Riches Op 5,607 3rd Q 15 $110.00/M Phones
Power of Money Op Buyers 1,8423rd Q 15 $110.00/M Phones
Power of Money Responders 3,1481st Q 15 $110.00/M
Private Reserve Op Buyers 2,4123rd Q 15$125.00/M
PRI Health op Buyers 2,2701st Q 14 $135.00/M
PRI Op Buyers 2,273 1st Q 14 $125.00/M Phones
Profit Max 1,3433rd Q 15$125.00/M
Promo Pros Op3,7533rd Q 15$125.00/M
Propserity Research5,0472010$125.00/M
RBE Op Buyers 2,7373rd Q 14$125.00/M
Real Cash Op Buyers 4,3243rd Q 15 $110.00/M Phones
Real Cash Responders 3,8471st  Q 15 $110.00/M
Redwood Institute Op Buyers 1,4072nd Q 15$110.00/M
Secret Treasure Op Buyers 3,126 3rd Q 15 $110.00/M Phones
Specialized Marketing Op Buyers 4,7731st Q 15 $110.00/M Phones
Way to Money 3,097 3rd Q 15 $110.00/M
Wealth Generator Op Buyers 8,2713rd Q 2013$115.00/MPhones
Wealth Strategies Op Buyers 7,1563rd Q 15 $115.00/M Phones
Zipline Op Buyers 3,0792nd Q 15$125.00/M

For further information please contact Sales

Phone: (949) 722-0506   Email:  sales@dajdirect.com

Terms of Purchase

Mailing lists are rented, which means you pay for one-time use only. Any full or partial reuse of any kind obligates the customer to pay the full reuse price of the list. Lists have been seeded with decoys to prevent unauthorized reuse.

All orders are final and cannot be cancelled. The money paid is not refundable. If a refund is made in a special case, cancellation and other charges may be deducted.

Although DAJ Direct/Dan Jacobs Marketing does its best to provide fresh, responsive names, there is no explicit or implied guarantee of deliverability or responsiveness of any names or list provided.

Neither DAJ Direct/Dan Jacobs Marketing nor A. L. Concepts Inc. or Robert Jacobs are affiliated with any program represented by the lists on this website. We do not provide any opinion, recommendation, or advice regarding the purchase or pursuit of any business opportunity or any other money-making program or offer.

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